Kanye Fires Back at Tremaine Emory: ‘This Is the Worst Mistake of Your Life’ [Photos]

Supreme’s creative director, Tremaine Emory, is called out Kanye West after an alarming Instagram post by West, alluding that the death of Virgil Abloh wasn’t an accident.

via: Complex

The polarizing creative took the shot via Instagram on Thursday, just days after Emory slammed Kanye over his behavior following the YZY Season 9 runway show in Paris. Kanye shared a box logo-inspired image that read “Tremendez,” declaring it as Emory’s new name.

“Tremaine’s new name as the BLM officer at Supreme is Tremendez,” Kanye wrote in the caption. “… You only got the job since you were Black and you used to work for me and you knew Virgil [Abloh].”

Kanye went on to accuse Tremaine of having his girlfriend record him without his knowledge so he could then use the footage to threaten him “on behalf of your Virgil-killing bosses.”

“You don’t have the money to make it out of this one alive,” Ye continued. “This is the worst mistake of your life. You broke my heard, Tremendez. I took you off the streets, Tremendez, only’cause you was the struggle version of Virgil. You threatened me, Tremendez. I aaaaaam youuuuur conscious, Tremendez.”

You can read Kanye’s full post below.

Emory blasted Kanye via Instagram on Tuesday, accusing Ye of bad-mouthing Virgil before and after his death.

“This time last year you said Virgil’s designs are a disgrace to the Black community in font of all your employees at Yeezy,” Emory wrote. “ASK LUCETTE HOLLAND…I GOT ALL THE ‘RECEIPTS’ ( don’t let me get into the things you said about [Abloh] after his death).”

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