Are Pubic Hair Design Trends Really A Thing? You Bet Your Bush They Are!

Are Pubic Hair Design Trends Really A Thing? You Bet Your Bush They Are!
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Pubic hair design trends have drastically changed over decades. Next time you find yourself scrolling through naughty content to brush up on your, umm, bedroom prowess, notice what the gworls were doing in the 1960s or 1970s. Bushy business will probably strike you instantly, as it is a stark difference from today where pubic hair has all but disappeared.

More and more women are going bare down there. In fact, a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 80 percent of adult women shave their pubes at some point. Their primary reasons for doing so involve partner expectations and their sex life. But, not everyone is willing to feel like a young seal pup down there, and some women are holding the line on pubic hair. Yup – pubic hair trends are making a comeback. While most women have groomed down there before, a study reported on Telegraph found that most women also feel there’s too much pressure to remove pubic hair. Tired of the pressure and looking for a new directive to give your waxing or laser specialist at your next salon visit? Consider these pubic hair trends and styles.


The High-Leg Bikini

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If you stopped by any pool or beach this summer, you probably noticed that high-rise string bikini bottoms are all the rage again. You tie them up on the sides and then pull those ties high to the hip bone. It’s actually a look that flatters female curves nicely, but it does leave the outer sides of your vagina nearly exposed. In comes the high-leg bikini pube style. It involves removing just enough hair around the perimeter of the outside of the vagina to look nice and smooth with a high-rise bikini bottom, but leaves a patch over the actual opening to the vagina, all the way up to where the bikini sits. That patch is kept short and trim. This is often called the Bermuda Triangle, too.