Yung Miami Put Latto In The ‘Caresha Please’ Hot Seat And She ‘Wasn’t Ready For The Smoke’

Yung Miami has been giving fans major content all summer long with her Revolt podcast Caresha Please. Each episode of the hit series has gone viral in its own right, leaving viewers always more.

via: Uproxx

It’s really starting to look like it’s Yung Miami’s new mission in life to make every single one of her rap peers as uncomfortable as possible on Caresha Please. Unlike a Nardwuar, though, hip-hop’s new favorite interviewer doesn’t surprise her guests with the depth of her research so much as she puts them in the hot seat with her blunt, no-holds-barred question style. Somehow, she doesn’t come across as invasively as The Breakfast Club, or combatively like Ebro, but she doesn’t softball questions like Sway or other mainstream interview shows.

Instead, she does something all her own, pulling from Twitter conversations and gossip blog fodder but never accusing her guests or wrong-footing them. Check out how she gets Saweetie hot under the proverbial collar or shamelessly flirts with Megan Thee Stallion. You get the sense that these are homegirls hanging out, and while she tries to extract the tea, at heart, it’s just a conversation among peers in a cozy environment with the cameras rolling. Her latest victim is Latto, who’ll appear on this week’s episode.

Sharing her usual preview clip, Miami jokes that the Atlanta rapper “wasn’t ready for the smoke,” despite her assertion in the trailer below.

The latest episode of Caresha Please debuts tonight (September 22) at 8 pm ET.

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