Missy Elliott Celebrates Her 24-Year Friendship With Janet Jackson: ‘That’s A Real Friend!’

Missy Elliott got the best friend surprise she could ask for, and shared it with all of her fans just in time for National Best Friend Day.

via: BET

We all need someone in our lives that will drop everything from their busy schedule to be by our side in our time of need. Janet Jackson did just that when she learned that her friend Missy Elliott was feeling “drained” and missed her loved ones.

On Wednesday (June 8), Missy happily took to Instagram to reveal to the world that her friend of 24 years hopped on an overseas flight from London to spend quality time with her. “Let me tell you something, y’all don’t have a friend like I got. She hopped on a plane and came— I don’t even know where she came from, but she’s here. That’s a real friend! Y’all give it up for Miss Janet Jackson,” Missy expressed in a video that’s going viral.

In the 1-minute clip, the music legends were seen in good spirits as they enjoyed their much-needed reunion. Check out the video below!

Misdemeanor captioned the heartwarming post, “For the last 2 years I’m sure like for many it was really emotionally draining.. Going from being outside to being isolated from family & friends. Well the other day @janetjackson & I was chopping it up on the phone & I spoke about how I missed everyone & how this year I wanted to make sure I see her & she casually said I’ll fly to where you are on the 5th. Well honestly I didn’t think much of it just because she is my friend for 24 years she is still Ms. Jackson if you NASTY & stay BOOKED & BUSY since 7 years old be VERY CLEAR???but sure enough the 5th came & she text me & said I’m here? I began to tear up because she flew all the way from LONDON & spent two days with me & we cut up & laughed for 2 days straight!”

She continued, “I sure needed that just to laugh & feel at peace??Jj I Love you til Earth is No More! You don’t have to sell another album you will always be THE ICONIC THE LEGENDARY THE FASHIONISTA MOTHA to me??? Thank you for being a Freeeeeeen??.”

We love the sisterhood!

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