[WATCH] Lil Durk Drops “Blocklist” Video Starring His Lookalike Shmurkioo

Lil Durk is a genius. He killed three birds with one stone with his “Blocklist” video.

The first bird, he delivered a video for one of the hottest songs off one of the hottest albums in Hip-Hop. 7220, the album dedicated to Durk’s grandmother, is his first No.1 album and “Blocklist” is a fan favorite from the album, and fans got a video.

The second bird, made Shmurkioo’s dream come true. Last week, Shmurkioo went viral for walking through a mall pretending to be the Chicago rapper. He succeeded with the prank as everyone surely did confuse Shmurkioo for Lil Durk. Well, the prank caught the attention of real Durk, and he agreed to cast Shmurkioo in his latest video, “Blocklist,” which brings us to the third bird.

Shmurkioo wanted to be Durk so bad that he was Durk, in the video, that is. Lil Durk didn’t even have to be in the video. Shmurkioo and Lil Durk are so identical that he effortlessly pulled the role off as the OTF boss. The “Blocklist” video was a brilliant move by Lil Durk. Check out the video and tells how you feel about Shmurkioo’s Durk impression.

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