Suspect in Oregon Killings Turns Himself In After Forcing Woman to Drive Him 2K Miles

A 30-year-old man wanted for murder turns himself in after forcing a woman to drive him cross county lines.

What We Know:

  • Oen Evan Nicholson allegedly murdered his father, two others, and assaulted one over the weekend. He is accused of first-degree murder, attempted murder, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, and failing to help a person injured in a traffic accident.
  • The police were first alerted Friday when a hit-and-run occurred at an RV park in North Bend, Oregon. Anthony Oyster, 74, and his wife Linda Oyster, 73, of Florida, were hit by Nicholson in his father’s pickup truck. Anthony was killed at the scene and Linda was taken to a hospital with critical injuries. Minutes later, the police were told that a woman, Jennifer L. Davidson, 47, was shot and killed at a marijuana shop nearby. Nicholson then went to a store, bought more ammunition, crashed and burned the pickup truck, and ran into the woods.
  • Nicholson approached Laura Johnson, 34, in Springfield, Oregon during her lunch break, and made her drive him to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He surrendered himself to the police, but there is no word on how Nicholson turned himself in. Johnson was not hurt during the 33-hour car ride and was allowed to return to Oregon.

“He approached her in her vehicle with a gun…she was forced to drive 33 hours to where they’re at. She was able to talk him into turning himself in,” said Dennis Johnson, Laura’s father.

  • Paul Frasier, Coos County District Attorney, stated that the police went back to the RV park and found an RV registered to Nicholson’s father Charles Simms Nicholson. Police found Nicholson’s father’s body in the RV. North Bend Mayor Jessica Engelke called the murders a tragedy and said, “this is something you hope never happens in your community, in the town you call home.”

Nicholson has yet to state what his motive for the killings was or if he has a lawyer to speak on his behalf. He is set for court in Milwaukee this week and then will be transported back to Oregon.

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