Man Took 6 Guns, Body Armor into Publix in Midtown Atlanta, Cops Say

23-year-old Rico Marley was arrested Wednesday after he entered an Atlanta Publix supermarket armed with six guns and body armor.

What We Know:

  • After the incident, a witness informed authorities that they saw Marley enter the store, openly carrying a rifle, and go into the restroom. The witness proceeded to tell management, who then called the police. Authorities had already arrived on the scene by the time Marley came exited the Publix bathroom. He was immediately arrested and detained for questioning.
  • Marley was carrying a total of six guns — two long guns and 4 handguns. He’s been charged with reckless conduct and was taken to the Fulton County jail for further processing. All of Marley’s weapons and equipment have been confiscated and placed into the Atlanta Police Department evidence lockup. This incident occurs only one week after another gunman killed eight people working at spas in the Atlanta area.
  • In 2019, Publix joined other retailers in asking customers in open-carry states not to enter their stores with guns. Other companies include Wal-Mart, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Wegmans, Aldi US and Meijer. Publix is one of the largest grocery store chains in the U.S, with 1,226 stores scattered throughout the south eastern region.

“Publix respectfully requests that only law enforcement officials openly carry firearms in our stores,” the corporation said in a statement from 2019.

  • The “no firearms” mandate was intended to make shoppers feel safer and also send a message to lawmakers that corporations support gun control measures. After the Boulder shooting a few days ago, President Joe Biden called on Congress to “immediately pass” legislation that would close loopholes in gun background checks and ban assault weapons as well as high-capacity magazines.

Gun control has been a debated topic in the United States for some time, yet mass shootings continue to thrive as if normal.

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