Defiant NYC Bar Owner Struck Deputy with His Car

The drama continues with New York City bar, Mac’s Public House. While attempting to flee arrest, co-owner Danny Presti struck a Deputy with his car. 

What We Know: 

  • Police stripped Mac’s Public House of their liquor license in November. Due to their suspension, the owners of Mac’s Public House declared the establishment an “autonomous zone.” The bar served liquor and food on the house. The bar only asked for donations. 
  • Police shut down Mac’s Public House due to COVID violations this last Wednesday. The shutdown ignited a protest outside the bar. Presti continued to violate COVID regulation even after the shutdown. The bar was open Friday and Saturday via the back door. They served about 100 patrons. 
  • After caught serving food and drinks inside his establishment, Presti attempted to flee his arrest by driving away. In the attempt, he struck a deputy who then hung onto the hood of the car. Presti was stopped after traveling about 100 yards. Presti was then taken into custody early Sunday. 
  • According to ABC News, the restaurant is located in an “orange zone,” meaning the area is more at risk for the virus. “orange zone” regulations prohibit indoor dining and limit the number of people seated in outdoor dining. 

The defiance of law enforcement is unusual for Staten Island. Staten Island is considered more conservative than the rest of New York and is usually considered supportive of law enforcement. 

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