Woman Arrested for Allegedly Hitting Black Jogger with Glass Bottle in Racist Attack

Police have arrested the woman that was seen on camera throwing a bottle at a 37-year-old jogger, screaming racial profanities, and telling her to “Go back to Africa” during a confrontation in Queens last month.

What We Know:

  • According to police, Lorena Delaguna was arrested inside her Woodside home Monday morning. The 53-year-old woman was charged with second-degree assault and attempted aggravated harassment, both as a hate crime.
  • The NYPD revealed a surveillance video last week on Aug. 17, showing the attack. Delaguna apparently attacked the 37-year-old Black woman, who was jogging, near 53rd Place and Broadway in Woodside around noon on Aug. 17, police said. She is accused of hurling a glass bottle at the victim’s back and calling her the N-word.
  • Although the jogger, Tiffany Johnson, seemed shocked and startled for that moment, she continued her run. Police stated she was not hurt, but Delaguna kept yelling racial profanities at her.
  • Johnson mentioned to NBC New York that she was worried for her well being and that she does not like that type of energy surrounding her. She thought at the moment that getting away from her was the better thing to do and that walking away was the easiest way of doing that.
  • Although the footage does not reveal what happens next, Johnson states that Delaguna kept following her, and people were getting upset at her and even threw a bagel towards her. She continued to mention it was scary, and she did not want anyone to get hurt.
  • Prosecutors validated Tuesday that the suspect had followed Johnson for at least a block while yelling at her and threatening her.
  • The name of Delaguna’s attorney has not been mentioned. She may face up to seven years in prison if convicted.

Queens District Attorney mentioned on Tuesday that no one should have to experience being called a vile slur or being attacked just because of the color of their skin, their religion, or who they love.