Lonzo Ball Signs with Rich Paul of Klutch Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans guard and former UCLA standout signed with a new agency, a decision made without the input of his outspoken father LaVar, ESPN reported Monday.

What We Know:

  • After a brief time with Creative Arts Agency and Roc Nation, Lonzo Ball has signed with Klutch Sports, making founder Rich Paul his new agent. The decision was made without the consultation of his father who, for many years, has been a major presence in his career. “I wanted to lead my career. Picking my own representation—just solely as my decision—was step one in that process. For me, it was an easy call, and it was the right time to make that call,” Lonzo stated.
  • His father, LaVar Ball, has become a famed figure over the last few years for his seemingly arrogant confidence in his children and business ventures, including the creation of the Big Baller Brand which Lonzo sported during the early part of his NBA career. “He’s always been his own man,” LaVar said of his son. “As a father, all I can do is guide him. I’m not going to take a lesser role. I am going to be his father, and that’s it.” Lonzo added that the separation from his family after his trade from the LA Lakers to the Pelicans and the start of his new family helped him become his “own man.”
  • The move comes a few weeks after the Pelicans’ removal from the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida that is now in a critical stage in the playoffs. Ball began his training regiment Monday and said he is looking to lead his team to a playoff run next season and believes “Most Improved Player is definitely something [he] can get next year”.
  • Lonzo’s brother, LaMelo Ball, is considered to be one of the top NBA prospects and expected to be a top 5 pick in this year’s draft. It is unclear whether he will follow his brothers lead or allow his father to impact more of his decision making.

Rich Paul is one of the more respected agents in the league, with big name clients including LeBron James, Anthony Davis and John Wall.