NJ Woman Let Her Newborn Die in The Toilet

According to documents, a 19-year-old woman left her baby to die in a toilet because she did not want it.

What We Know:

  • Police advised that a Hackensack woman, 19, left her newborn son inside a toilet bowl for hours after giving birth before wrapping the newborn’s body in plastic and storing it inside a hamper. The woman has been charged with first-degree aggravated manslaughter for reckless neglect and failure to provide appropriate care, causing the newborn’s death.
  • An affidavit filed at Hackensack Municipal Court states that the woman, named Kimberly L. Aponte, had given birth in the residence she shares with her family located at Avalon Hackensack at Riverside, some time after 3 a.m. on Aug. 22nd.
  • The affidavit indicates that Aponte left her baby in the toilet for hours while cleaning the bathroom. Aponte later told police her reason for leaving the baby there was because it would change her whole life. She also mentioned to officers that she saw the innocent baby moving his legs, hands, and arms.
  • The affidavit also mentions that apparently, at about 8 a.m., Aponte, who believed the newborn was no longer alive, then wrapped the newborn in plastic and a towel and placed the infant in a hamper. When she talked to the police, she stated that her intentions were to bury the infant behind her complex.
  • Aponte was a aware that she was pregnant but didn’t seek any prenatal care. Police said that she hid the pregnancy from her family. The only person that knew of her pregnancy was her boyfriend.
  • Aponte’s father found the baby inside the hamper and called the police at around 1:08 p.m., the affidavit continues. As officials arrived at the scene, they discovered the innocent newborn’s dead body on top of a kitchen peninsula, somewhat wrapped in a towel.
  • A medical examiner, who performed the autopsy, established that the baby was born full-term and was completely capable of living.

Kimberly L. Aponte has been detained at the Bergen County Jail, where she is currently waiting to appear in court.