Alcohol in Your Ice Cream? New York State has Given it the Green Light

New York has given the OK for companies to produce frozen treats that are strictly for the 21 and overcrowd.

What We Know:

  • On Monday, Governor Cuomo signed a bill authorizing the sale and manufacture of frozen desserts and ice cream made with liquor in the state. This new legislation is designed to give dairy farmers, liquor, and craft beverage producers across the state a new market to explore.


  • Adriana King, Assistant Manager at King Condrell’s, stated it would be nice for adults if they wanted to have some alcohol while their children are enjoying some ice cream.
  • The percentage of alcohol the ice cream products contain is limited at 5% of alcohol by volume and would need the same product labeling and warning statements similar to dessert products that are infused with wine, beer, or cider.

Governor Cuomo stated, “The craft beverage industry has experienced explosive growth in New York and with that comes a responsibility to advance regulations that help ensure long-term viability, protect consumers and provide farmers with opportunities to increase their business,” He continued saying, “This legislation will further grow a burgeoning industry and boost small businesses while helping to put them on a path of sustained growth that empowers both producers and consumers.”

  • The new boozy flavors are subject to be introduced by King Condrell’s by the end of August.
  • King, Assistant Manager at Condrell’s, says it could be beers, wines, or cocktails; it will just depend on what they choose to try and explore first.
  • As New York is landing at number two in the country for the amount of breweries and distilleries, it’s the perfect way to have everything local.

King Condrell’s will reach local stores and liquor stores in New York  City so that they can instill it with their ice cream and make it an ultimately and 100% New York brand.