Detroit Officer Shoots, Kills Sword-Wielding Man

Detroit man was shot and killed after wielding a sword in the middle of the street and throwing a dagger at a police officer.

What We Know:

  • Police were on their way to an unrelated call on Thursday, when they came across an intersection at Grand River and Meyers and noticed a man in the middle of the street with a 32-inch sword. Police Chief Craig said the man began approaching the police car, swinging the sword “recklessly” while dressed in a protective suit.
  • When officers exited the car, the man started running towards the officers while still swinging his sword. The man was told to put down the weapon but declined.
  • Although being struck with a taser by an officer, that did not stop the man, Craig stated. At some point, the man took out a second weapon, an 8- inch dagger, throwing it at officers and striking one beneath the eye.

  • Officers proceeded with giving orders to the man to drop the sword but he still refused. Eventually, the second officer fired his weapon, shooting the man.
  • Although the timeline is vague, it was said that at around 7:15 p.m. near Grand River and Meyers, the suspect jumped into the driver’s side of the police car door when a nearby witness saw what was occurring, prompting him to use his car to block the door so the suspect would not get out. Chief Craig stated.
  • The man was taken to the nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.
  • In a statement made by the witness, Johnson, he said that “the man went after the officers and was told three or four times to put down the weapons. He was tased and still did not stop him, pulling out a knife made in Nepal, coming at the officers”.

“This is the fourth officer-involved shooting now in a span of two and a half weeks. Clearly our officers are facing very aggressive suspects who are armed. In this case, he had three knives, one was a sword, a very long sword,” Craig said. He said a third knife was also found on the suspect.

Officers thanked the witness for wanting to assist and help out in this risky situation.