Youtuber Trisha Paytas gets Backlash for “I am Transgender” Announcement Video

Trisha Paytas recently revealed to her YouTube subscribers that she is transgender in a recent confession video, but the world is in disbelief.

What We Know:

  • YouTube star Trisha Paytas, 31, has caused quite a commotion after sharing a YouTube video about her gender and sexuality. The video has gained over 3.3 million views despite many viewers calling it “clickbait” and a mockery of the transgender community. 
  • Paytas stated that she identifies as a “gay man” because she’s attracted to gay males, but also identifies as a male herself. She then contradicts that very statement by saying she identifies as both male and female but prefers not to use pronouns such as “they” and “them”. Paytas appears extremely confused in her explanation, which also caused her viewers’ confusion. Some also thought Paytas may have been playing a prank on her subscribers since YouTube pranks are common. However, Paytas is standing by her transgender statements.
  • Paytas has since received a large amount of hate following her video, which also received over 128,000 dislikes. The video’s thumbnail included a side-by-side photo of Paytas dressed as a female and also dressed as Troy Bolton, which many interpreted as a joke. Paytas is no stranger to backlash because of her very controversial past and offensive statements.
  • One Twitter user wrote “Trisha Paytas saying she’s ‘transgender’ because she only attracted to gay men is like James Charles calling himself a girl for only being attracted to straight guys”.
  • After all the hate, Paytas released an apology video to the LGBTQ+ community whom she feels as though she offended, but states that she’s only apologizing so people can leave her alone. Paytas admitted to being a troll in the past, but still reiterated that this is her truth. She also mentions that she has sought help for years through a gender identity therapist. According to Paytas, she feels as though her language and delivery may have been wrong; however, she knows that she is transgender.

Hopefully, Paytas can seek the help she truly needs as she battles these issues. Based on her conflicting history with the Internet, it’s hard to believe the tears or the “apology” video.