Dutch Police Discover Group of Siblings Held in Basement for 9 Years Waiting for the End of Times

Dutch police discovered a 58-year-old man and six family members living in a hidden basement at a secluded farm in preparation for the end of the world

What We Know:

  • They were found due to one of the siblings in Drenthe escaping and talking to a local bar owner. The family lived there in hiding for about 9 years advised People. The actual farm owners, Klaas and Alida Rooze, apparently had no idea that people were living on their farm, “We knew absolutely nothing of this. We had rented the house for years to an individual and now we learn that a man was living there with children. We have no idea who this can be.”
  • The family ranged in ages from 18-25.  The family had no clue what was going on in the outside world. They survived due to the farm animals and vegetables. The windows in their rooms had been boarded up, isolating them from the world.
  • Multiple Dutch news outlets reported that the man and the siblings in the family are related. However, Dutch Mayor Roger de Groot denied these claims. Groot went on to say the mother of the siblings passed away years ago.

The man was arrested after not cooperating with the police, but he hasn’t been charged yet. Authorities are looking to see if the man forced the siblings to live with him as a way of adding additional charges.