Joshua Brown, Neighbor of Botham Jean, Shot and Killed in Dallas

Joshua Brown, the neighbor of Botham Jean who testified in Amber Guyger’s trial, was shot and killed in Dallas.

What We Know:

  • Around 10:30 pm at the 4600 block of Cedar Springs Road in Dallas, officers were called to the scene of a shooting.  Officers arrived to find Brown’s body on the ground, he was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he later died from his injuries.  The Jean family attorney, Lee Merritt confirmed on social media that it was Joshua Brown who had just weeks earlier testified in the Guyger Trial.
  • Witnesses said they heard multiple shots fired and then saw a silver 4-door sedan speeding out of the parking lot of the complex.  Merritt stated Brown “was shot in his mouth & chest. He was exiting his car at his apt when he was ambushed & shot at close range.”  He also mentioned that Brown’s mother believes her son was a victim of “foul play.”
  • Just weeks ago Brown testified as a prosecution witness in the Amber Guyger trial he heard two people speaking that night and couldn’t understand what was being said but he did not hear Guyger shout any usual commands an officer would for an intruder. He said he then heard two gunshots.
  • Merritt confirmed on his Facebook post that Brown lived constant fear of being the next victim of gun violence and was visibly shaken during his emotional testimony.
  • Many on social media are calling Brown’s death an “assassination” or “revenge killing” on behalf of the Dallas police department noting Brown’s fears and the fear of the woman who recorded the aftermath of Jean’s murder.
  • The Dallas police department has not confirmed any of the specifics on this case as of yet nor have they identified a suspect or motive for Brown’s murder as the case is still under investigation.

Our prayers go to Brown’s mother and family. We will update this story as more details are released.