Will Smith Introduces New “Fresh Prince” Clothing Line

Actor Will Smith is bringing back the nostalgia with a new Fresh Prince inspired clothing line for the whole fam!

What We Know:

  • The new line, called Bel-Air Athletics,  is a new line of athletic wear inspired by the classic sitcom. The limited-edition collection is designed to resemble the athletic uniforms at Bel-Air Academy, the high school where characters Will and Carlton attended school.
  • The new styles include a Bel-Air athletics sweatshirt or an acid-washed throwback tee with the fictional Smith clutching a basketball. However, be prepared for some high prices to dress like the Prince. Socks are $15, shirts run $30 to $40 and hoodies, track pants, and a custom Bel-Air basketball run $60 and up.
  • There is even an air freshener and gym bag for when you want to take Smith on the go! The collection will only be available until October 14.
  • In his announcement video, Smith is seen modeling the new merchandise in all of his hilarious glory. All of this merch raises the question — is there a reboot coming soon?

Only time will tell what is next for the Prince of Bel Air!