Judge Stands With Harvard Admissions Process in Affirmative Action Case

In Boston, a judge upheld Harvard’s admissions process that was accused of being discriminatory by a group representing Asian-American applicants who testified that the school discriminated against them based on their race, according to CNN.

What We Know:

  • Judge Allison Burrough ruled that the process is not ideal but shouldn’t be destroyed when it passes constitutionally. She argues in her 130-page opinion that having these processes allow for a “diverse atmosphere”. This case has a high chance of being repealed, later moving to the Supreme Court.
  • The group, Students for Fair Admissions, launched a lawsuit against the school. They accused the school of denying admissions to Asian-American applicants in favor of African-American and Hispanic students in accordance with affirmative action.  
  • The accusers state the “personal” rating system helps only African-Americans and Hispanics who generally have lower test scores. They argued how these systems lead to your race being the deciding factor towards admission and not a bonus.
  • Harvard President Lawrence Bacow added, “The consideration of race, alongside many other factors, helps us achieve our goal of creating a diverse student body that enriches the education of every student”.
  • The Trump administration submitted a “statement of interest” in the Harvard case, siding with the accusers. The Obama administration had fielded and rejected similar complaints.

No matter where you stand on this issue we can all agree that we don’t want stories such as this one where an Indian-American faked being African American to get into medical school.