Bridge Collapses in Taiwan leaves People Trapped

A burning oil tanker fell into the water due to a bridge collapsing in Taiwan. The military and divers were sent to rescue citizens and they saved almost a dozen people, according to Fox News.

What We Know:

  • Around 9:30 a.m on October 1, the Nanfangao Bridge, located in Nanfangao, caved in. Ten people were sent to the hospital with six of them having serious injuries.
  • This collapse occurred after a typhoon hit the island. At this time, officials have not given any specific details on the potential cause of the collapse.
  • Taiwan’s fishing industry is large with many of the workers being low-paid and coming from countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. This typhoon also cut the power to more than 66,000 homes, with more than 150 flights canceled.
  • Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen hopes that all branches of the government will do what they can to protect and save their people.

The bridge was a tourist attraction that was opened in 1998. It was built to replace a lower bridge that stopped fishing boats from passing underneath. It was also the second single arch-cable steel bridge in the world.