Miami Mother Arrested For Leaving 3-Year-Old In A Car While Working As A Stripper

Manouchika Daniels (23) was arrested and charged with child neglect without bodily harm and her daughter was placed in Child Protective Services. 

What We Know: 

  • Early Tuesday morning, someone called 911 after seeing the three-year-old in tears and wandering in the parking lot on 5400 Block Of North University Drive. 
  • Once the cops arrived on the scene, they said the toddler appeared confused. 
  • The girl then led officers to a car without the engine running and with the backseat window down enough to provide air for the toddler. They also saw toys and a car seat. 
  • When Daniels got word of what was going on, she went outside and confirmed to police that that was her car and her child. According to reports, police say that the child was left in the car around 11 p.m. during Daniels’ shift at Vegas Cabaret.

Daniels is currently in jail with a bond of $5000.