Young Dro Gets Jail Time for Pudding Throwing Incident

Atlanta rapper Young Dro will serve time for throwing banana pudding at his girlfriend.

What We Know:

  • WSB-TV news reported that last week D’Juan Hart a.k.a Young Dro pled guilty to one count of battery and family violence. He was sentenced to a year in jail but, since he’s served twenty days already, he has been sentenced to seventy days. He will also receive credit for the days he has already served.
  • The “Shoulder Lean” rapper got into an argument with his girlfriend in July over money. When the altercation began to escalate the two began throwing food at each other. Dro picked up a plate of banana pudding and threw it at his girlfriend’s face.
  • The girlfriend claimed Dro hit her so hard that her face instantly bruised, XXL Magazine reported. She never pressed charges but, South Fulton Police Department arrested Dro anyway.
  • Due to Dro having already served twenty days in police custody, it is a possibility that he could be released on October 5, as a part of his plea deal. If so, Dro will have to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation within thirty days of being released.
  • He will also have to restrain from alcohol and drug use, turn in all of his weapons and will have to engage in domestic violence counseling.

Wishing Young Dro a speedy next couple of weeks and let’s hope he can stay out of jail after this stint!