Delta Flight Drops 30,000 Feet in 8 Minutes Makes Emergency Landing in Florida

A Delta Air Lines plane was coming from Atlanta to Florida when an unknown issue caused the planes oxygen mask to be opened. This led to the plane dropping 30,000 feet in 8 minutes, according to Fox 8.

What We Know:

  • This emergency landing happened an hour after the plane left Atlanta’s international airport. The plane was able to land without any major incidents and passengers were able to exit the plane normally.
  • Delta stated the reason for this emergency was due to cabin pressure. This is why the plane dropped down so rapidly. It just wasn’t fast enough which is why the masks fell down.
  • The passengers on the flight reacted pretty much the way you would expect, with panic and terror in their hearts. After the flight, some even took to Twitter to blast the company.

Workers will be evaluating the issue.