Rwandan Gospel Singer Albert Nabonino Comes Out as Gay

Rwandan gospel singer, Albert Nabonibo, has officially announced that he is a gay man.

What We Know:

  • In August of this year, Nabonibo shocked the world when he appeared in an interview with a Christian YouTube channel, admitting that he is gay.
  • Although central Africa doesn’t have an issue with gay citizens, there are other parts of Africa, such as sub-Sahara, that despise homosexuality. Rwanda’s penal code states that gay marriage is forbidden. This means some homosexuals have to live a lowkey life, in fear of being found out.
  • Nabonibo, who is also a 35-year-old accountant has expressed that he did become an outcast in his workplace and is scared of possibly losing his job.
  • Many friends of Nabonibo have asked to remain anonymous while commenting on his new sexual orientation status. One friend has even cut off all communication with Nabonibo stating he wants to “keep safe”. Another friend has expressed that they felt anguished by Nabonibo’s coming out, due to his family being such good friends with him.
  • Time reports that Nabonibo told The Associated Press that he came out to live comfortably. He is the first openly gay singer in the Rwandan community. He says the reactions from his family and friends have been “horrible.” “But there is no going back because I have to live my real life. It’s so sad to see people you know abusing you,” Nabonibo voiced while doing the interview from the capital of Rwanda, Kigali.

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