Ohio Woman Charged for Carrying Newborn in Luggage At Philippines Airport

Authorities were in for a shocking surprise after finding a newborn baby inside the luggage of Jennifer Erin Talbot.

What We Know:

  • It’s likely that TSA Agents come across all kinds of random things in airline passenger suitcases throughout the day. However, we doubt they would ever expect to find an actual human inside of one. Oddly enough Talbot thought nobody would notice her criminal act in the busy airport. She had nearly gotten away with this scheme until she reached the boarding gate area.
  • Jennifer Erin Talbot is a 43-year-old Ohio resident who might face some jail time if convicted. According to the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation Talbot is facing multiple charges including human trafficking and kidnapping after an attempt to smuggle the newborn from the Philippines into the United States.
  • Authorities assume that Talbot was initially carrying the baby, which is why the baby went undetected on the x-ray scanner. She then concealed the baby in her sling bag, allowing her to pass through immigration without declaring the 6-day-old baby boy. It wasn’t until she reached her boarding gate that they finally stopped her for failure to prove she had documentation for the newborn, at which point she was carrying the baby again.
  • Based on Talbot’s travel itinerary and airport officials she planned to board a Delta flight from the Philippines with a connection to Detroit and a final destination to Columbus, Ohio as a single passenger. There was no record of a child passenger on her booking.
  • After detaining and interrogating Talbot at the Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, they arrested her for suspicious activity with suspicions of kidnapping. According to the NBI officials the only documentation Talbolt tried to provide was an affidavit from the suspected mother. However, the document did not contain a signature. Talbolt is stating that the biological mother gave her consent to travel with the child, which hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Based on the charges, Talbolt could face life imprisonment. Officials are also investigating the biological mother who could also face criminal charges.


Talbolt will be detained in the Philippines until further notice.