Sen. Warren Announces Adoption of Gov. Inslee’s Climate Change Proposal

After receiving an increase in multiple polls, the 70-year-old woman from Massachusetts is looking to grab some of Jay Inslee’s 1 percent support by adopting some of his policies that he used in every advertisement and debate, according to the New York Times.

What We Know:

  • Previously in April, Warren pledged to ban fossil-fuel leasing on public lands. In June, she called for $2 trillion in spending on “green manufacturing”. This is in her new, broader climate plan.
  • The plan will cost about $3 trillion in spending to combat global warming. The United States is currently $23 trillion in debt.
  • The plan involves adding a $1 trillion in spending to subsidize green energy transitions, eliminating planet-warming emissions from power plants and vehicles. The United States leads the world in reducing carbon emissions, according to Forbes. The plan would also remove all coal mining jobs, but increase pensions for these miners. Warren would also create a Federal Renewable Energy Commission and wants to use executive order to set high regulations.
  • Warren made this announcement before a CNN town hall event solely focused on climate change. This is the first time a forum was made for this purpose.
  • Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Julián Castro have laid out similar plans to deal with climate change. Learn more by clicking here. They released these plans possibly due to events like the Hurricane Dorian moving closer to Florida, after destroying the Bahamas.
  • Mr. Bledsoe is a lecturer at American University’s Center for Environmental Policy. He said there was some political danger for Democrats to go too far with their climate proposals. “In all honesty, every one of the climate plans proposed is more ambitious than anything that’s ever been remotely contemplated before,” he said. “I mean, these are just off-the-charts ambitious, so in that sense activists have gotten what they wanted. But the danger is that they ignore the nuts and bolts of energy politics of swing states and risk handing Trump the election.”

These plans were possibly released due to events like Hurricane Dorian moving closer to Florida after destroying the Bahamas.