Walmart Announces Removal of Certain Ammunition & Alaska Handgun Sales

Walmart is discontinuing sales of handgun ammunition and discontinuing sales of handguns entirely in Alaska.

What We Know:

  • Last month, a gunman entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and killed 22 people with an AK- style firearm.
  • “A Walmart retailer faced backlash from its employees for not pulling weapons from stores after a deadly shooting in July at a Walmart store in Mississippi and another in August in Texas,” according to CNBC.
  • “On Tuesday, Walmart said it was discontinue all sales of handgun ammunition and sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition that can be used with military-style weapons.”
  • Walmart said, “We Know these decisions of pulling ammunition from our shelves will inconvenience some of our customers, and we hope they will they understand but as a company, we experienced two horrific events and we will never be the same.”
  • Walmart will also start pulling violent video game displays out of stores following the shootings. This recently caused a boycott of Walmart as many felt the store needed to do more to combat mass shootings.

In March, Dick’s Sporting Goods said it would stop selling firearms and ammunition at 125 of its 700-plus locations. On the other hand Starbucks, Target, Wendy’s and Kroger have also joined in and asked customers not to openly carry guns when visiting their stores.