Newark Terminal Evacuation Sparks Chaos, Authorities Determined no Threat

Panic ensues in an airport when an Alaska Airlines attendant sets off the airport’s alarm.

What We Know:

  • On Monday, September 2, 2019 around 8:30 PM at Newark Liberty International Airport, a flight attendant noticed two suspicious men walking around the terminal. As the flight attendant began to approach them they began to run. The flight attendant then yelled “evacuate” and turned on the airport’s alarm system.
  • Chaos erupted as nearly 200 travelers evacuated the airport in a frenzy, leaving behind luggage and personal items. Authorities ran through the airport enforcing the evacuation while having some people go out onto the airport’s tarmac.
  • The airport put out a tweet saying “It was determined that there was no threat in the Terminal A-3 Satellite. All passengers and employees are being rescreened as a precaution.”
  • The flight attendant, as well as the two gentlemen, are being questioned by the airport’s authorities.

In the wake of events like this, it is important to remain vigilant and never be afraid to report things if they look suspicious.