Man Crushed to Death in Elevator Accident at High-Rise Building in NYC

A 30-year-old man was killed in an elevator accident in a New York City high rise on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

What We Know:

  • The incident happened around 8:30 AM when the man was trying to exit the elevator. While exiting after six others the elevator shifted and had him caught between the first floor and the basement.
  • 911 was called to the scene when the victim, known as Samuel Charles Waisbren, was pronounced dead. Crew members attempted to disable the elevator while he was trapped in between the levels. The medical examiner’s office is currently working on finding out the exact cause of death. 
  • Residents say that the elevator had been cited for having problems in May. One resident mentioned, “There’s always elevator issues in this building.” 
  • The New York City Department of Buildings made a statement saying it is “investigating this incident aggressively and will take all appropriate enforcement actions. Elevators are the safest form of travel in New York, due to the city’s stringent inspection and safety requirements. We’re determined to find out what went wrong at this building and seek ways to prevent incidents like this.”
  • Samuel’s father mourns the loss of his son telling NBC New York “Sam was a delightful, smart, very, very sensitive young man with a million friends, I’m so sad, you know, he won’t be able to father a child and have a family, and grow up and enjoy life.”

The 23-story luxury rental building’s name is Manhattan Promenade and no comments have been made from the property manager.