‘Soul Train’ Musical Set to Make Broadway Premiere for 50th Anniversary

Soul Train has always been a celebration of all music throughout the years. If you’re a fan, then you’re probably excited to know that a 50th anniversary of the TV series debut is in the works. Unfortunately, it won’t premiere until 2021.

What We Know:

  • Soul Train will debut as a musical on the Broadway stage and is based on the hit TV show, which originally aired on October 2, 1971. Don Cornelius created the series, but he unfortunately passed away in 2012. Broadway will most likely honor him in this celebration since he was not only the creator of Soul Train but he was also the long-term host before he resigned in 1993.
  • While many spoilers haven’t been shared regarding what’s to come for the anticipated show. The musical will cover over 20 popular songs from the Soul Train era. The series often featured R&B, rock, soul and hip-hop so we can probably expect to see a huge variety of music incorporated into the musical along with a celebration of black culture and music.
  • The entire creative team behind the musical are Black women and men. Some of which you may already be familiar with. The team lineup includes Domonique Morisseau, Camilla A. Brown, Kamilah Forbes, Tony Cornelius and Ahmir Khalib Thompson (QuestLove).
  • Although the Soul Train series final episode aired on March 25, 2006, the legacy of the show hasn’t diminished. From the funky dance moves, vintage style and guest appearances to the music beats, Soul Train represented Black America through music and a good time.
  • Throughout the past few years BET Network has hosted the Soul Train Music Awards to also celebrate the history of the series and the artist who were a part of the era.
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We’re truly excited for all of this Black excellence and culture coming to the Broadway stage!