Street Outside Trump Tower Could get Renamed after Obama if this Petition is Successful

Initially a joke, Obama supporters are quite excited for the possibility of trolling President Donald Trump.

What We Know: 

  • Thousands of people have petitioned to have fifth avenue renamed as ‘Obama Avenue’ which doesn’t seem like a big issue except, this is also the location of Trump Tower. 
  • Elizabeth Rowin created the petition on and has gained over 300,000 signatures. The signature goal was recently increased to 400,000 signatures, which they’re expected to reach. 
  • Rowin directed the petition to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and states that “We request the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets be renamed “President Barack H. Obama Avenue.” Any addresses on that stretch of Fifth Avenue should be changed accordingly.” 
  • New York City has quite a few guidelines for secondary street naming. According to the NYC Manhattan Community Board 7, one of those guidelines states “The person is deceased and there is no plaque or other official acknowledgement of them in the District (as well as no known plans to do so).” As we know, Obama is alive and well; Therefore, this could be an issue towards the justification of the street renaming.
  • If the petition is successful, the official address of Trump Tower would become 725 President Barack H. Obama Avenue.
  • The case is in progress, and the petition has gotten the attention of City Council members who assured Rowin that they would look into the idea. 

There is power in numbers and the right amount of petitioners just may turn a joke into reality.