Department Of State Report Finds Politically Motivated Harassment For Trump Disloyalty 

A report released Thursday by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Inspector General alleged that two senior political appointees routinely harassed career officials they felt were disloyal to President Trump.

What We Know:

  • This investigation began in July 2018, and it involved thousands of emails, documents, and interviews with more than 40 current and former employees.
  • The 30-page report revealed both U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Kevin Moley and Mari Stull; a former senior advisor being disrespectful and hostile towards staffers.
  • The report also showed that Moley failed to deal with the numerous complaints reported to him.
  • This investigation followed a Foreign Policy story published last year that allegedly disclosed Stull bullied staffers. She tried to remove anyone affiliated with the Obama administration policies that included support for gays and lesbian rights and the rights for Palestinians.
  • In an email response to the Foreign Policy, Stull denied those accusations. She stated that the inspector general’s “report focuses on false and silly allegations by career bureaucrats who hate President Trump”.

The Office of Special Counsel is planning a separate investigation into the allegations of political targeting.