Voter Protection Initiative being Launched by Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams was 50,000 votes short from a governor position in Georgia, but she returned with a brand new course of action, Fair Fight 2020.

What We Know:

  • As stated on her website, Fair Fight 2020 is all about making sure that everyone has the possibility to vote in Georgia. She has alleged that despite not receiving the governor position, she still won the race.
  • She proclaimed on Twitter that “We’re going to have a fair fight in 2020…I’m going to use my energies, and my very very loud voice to raise the money we need to train those across the country in our 20 battleground states to make sure that Donald Trump and the senate take a hike and we put people in place who know what we need to have.”

  • Fair Fight articulates that 1.6 million voters were removed from the voter rolls from 2010-2018. Eighty percent of more than 53,000 voter registrations that are left in “pending” status are African Americans. People who did come to the polls had to wait for hours in lines, missing potential work hours. They have equated these problems to Jim Crow and poll taxes.
  • Fair Fight is looking to do vote-by-mail programs, which can help reduce the long lines you see when going to the polls. Educating voters about the elections, how voting works, and the rights you have pertaining to voting. They also want to facilitate a get-out-the-vote program to get people to cast their ballots during early voting an election day.
  • Fair Fight V. Raffensperger is the federal court case that is looking to kill Georgia’s “exact match” policy. This requires the information put on the voter application exactly match the records kept by the government. If it doesn’t, the applicant will need to provide additional documentation in 26 months or the application will be rejected. Learn more about the case here.

Stacey Abrams has ruled out any chance for running for president but has also stated that she’s open to being Vice President for any of the nominees earlier this week. If you want to join or donate to Fair Fight 2020, visit