RNC Host City Charlotte Regretting their Decision

In a city now predominantly black and Latino, the city of Charlotte is regretting their agreement to the host of the controversial renomination convention for President Trump.

What We Know:

  • “This is one of the ugliest moments of political discourse…This is specifically about the racism of this administration and the elements that that brings. I wish we were not bringing that here.” Braxton Winston (a Charlotte City Council member apart of the losing 6-5 vote last summer to approve a contract to host the 2020 Republican convention) stated.
  • The council discussed backing out of the convention last week but eventually decided against it after the city attorney said trying to do so would bring big legal bills and would almost certainly end with a judge requiring the city to host the convention regardless.
  • The council did push for a resolution last week that “strongly condemns all of President Donald Trump’s racist and xenophobic social media tweets and comments.” This was days after days Trump attacked four Democratic congresswomen telling them they should “go home” to their home countries if they were unhappy in America.
  •  Numerous Republican National Committee members who are in town this week to inspect the various venues to be used in next August’s convention said they didn’t even know the city had passed it.
  • “This is the first I’ve heard of it,” said Richard Porter, an RNC member from Illinois.
  • The city is doing what it can to protect its reputation for the present and in the future. “We are tying ourselves to the most toxic convention in history,” council member Dimple Ajmera said. “Is history going to judge us right five, 10 years down the road?”

Wondering how the view of Charlotte will change.