Swizz Beatz slams Trump’s 4th Military Parade; compares him to Kim Jong-Un

Music producer and rapper Swizz Beatz criticized President Trump’s Fourth of July Military parade calling it “childish” and suggesting his inspiration came from military parades done by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

What We Know:

  • President Trump hosted the “Salute to America” which was held at the Lincoln Memorial. The parade included fireworks, aerial demonstrations from the U.S. Navy, and military tanks.
  • TMZ caught up with Swizz a day before the event at Los Angeles International Airport and asked for his thoughts. “Bring out all the toys for the toy show?” Swizz said referring to the military vehicles. “Look at what we dealing with. We dealing with theatrics right now. That’s why most of us gotta have knowledge of self to where we can be dealing with reality.”
  • The military tanks were kept in one of the most populated black communities in America, southeast Washington D.C.
  • Swizz went on to say how he thinks he got the idea from Kim Jong-un who’s organized military parades in the past. “Didn’t he just come from seeing Kim,” he said. “They’re just showing off their toys. I think it’s childish. I understand why he probably wants to do it but when somebody don’t care, they don’t care.”
  • The National Park Service spent nearly $2.5 million dollars on the event, according to CBS News. The money was originally intended for parks across the country.

Swizz mentioned that he and his wife Alicia Keys don’t celebrate the Fourth of July. Instead they celebrate Juneteenth, the day that all slaves were officially freed in the United States.