Ted Cruz’s Lawyers Compare Him to Rosa Parks

Sen. Ted Cruz’s lawyers compare his election lawsuit to Rosa Park’s fight for Civil Rights.

What We Know:

  • Texas Senator Ted Cruz is suing the Federal Elections Commission in an attempt to get back $10,000 he spent on his campaign last year.
  • The FEC allows a candidate to fundraise a maximum of $250,000 to reimburse themselves for campaign loans. Cruz took out a total of $260,000, violating the rule.
  • The purpose of the rule is to prevent corruption. Post-election payments could influence a politician’s decisions on certain issues.
  • Cruz’s lawyers claim the restriction “abridges political speech at the very core of the First Amendment’s guarantee.”
  • The FEC feels Cruz has no case. They stated Cruz’s issue is “self-inflicted.”
  • In response, Cruz’s team wrote in a memo, “The FEC also asserts that Senator Cruz and the Cruz Committee inflicted their injuries on themselves because they could have arranged to repay the Senator’s loans using pre-election funds… yes, and Rosa Parks could have sat in the back of the bus.” Bold move.

The FEC is moving to have the case dismissed. Apparently, the Rosa Parks comparison wasn’t as powerful as they thought it would be.