South Texas Law Review Appoints First Black Editor-In-Chief

Kenesha Starling, a second-year student at South Texas College of Law Houston, is the first black student to serve as Editor-In-Chief of the South Texas Law Review in the school’s history.

What We Know:

  • Starling— who is working towards finishing her last year in law school— brings nearly 20 years of experience in both the business and law sectors. During this journey, she balanced working full-time for a federal agency, motherhood, and chasing her educational goals.
  • She is currently taking 11 hours of coursework which is only one hour less than her full-time peers. Starling recalls being partially inspired to seek the position after seeing a poster celebrating Black History Month back in 2017.
  • Starling acknowledged one of the many responsibilities that accompany being the “first” in any area. “Most of all, you must do your best, more for those coming behind you than for yourself. Because the reality is — if you don’t knock it out of the park — that ‘failure’ becomes a stigma and follows everyone who looks like you. That’s a weighty but exciting opportunity,” she told the school in an interview.
  • STCL Houston Professor Shelby Moore says Sterling’s accomplishment is a huge milestone for other minorities. “Kenesha has achieved a truly significant milestone as the first black editor-in-chief of South Texas Law Review — not only for herself, but for all minority students at the law school,” Professor Moore said.
  • This news comes weeks after it was announced that Yale University elected its first ever Black student body president.

Now that’s #BlackGirlMagic!