New Orleans music legend Dave Bartholomew dies at 100

Rock and Roll musician, Dave Bartholomew dead at 100.

What We Know:

  • Music legend, Dave Bartholomew died at Jefferson General Hospital in New Orleans on June 23.

  • His son, David Bartholomew Jr., told The Associated Press, “His body simply broke down. Daddy was 100 years and six months old.”
  • Bartholomew was a music icon. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991. He is described as “a man of many talents: bandleader, trumpet player, songwriter, producer, arranger, talent scout, businessman and more.”
  • He is most known for his work with Fats Domino like, “Aint That a Shame” which he co-wrote.
  • Bartholomew was known as one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll.

Funeral arrangments have not been announced.