Stacey Abrams Testifying for Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Ruling

The Former Democratic gubernatorial nominee will discuss how a controversial Supreme Court ruling has affected Georgia elections.

What We Know:

  • US News reported that Stacey Abrams will testify before a civil rights subcommittee on June 25.
  • Abrams ran for Governor of Georgia in 2018 against Brian Kemp. She lost the race and accused Kemp of using his position as chief elections officer to suppress minority votes.
  • She will be speaking about the 2013 Shelby County v. Holder ruling that discarded a rule that required jurisdictions with a history of discriminatory voting practices to get approval from the government before making any changes to their election process.
  • AJC reported that Abrams’ aide said that she plans to talk about how the 2013 ruling  “paved the way for voter suppression efforts in Georgia and other states that were previously protected from voting changes that make it harder for people of color to vote.”
  • The voting rights group that Abrams founded filed a lawsuit requesting that a federal judge approve before any changes are made to the voting protocol in Georgia.

This definitely needs to be talked about. Abrams will shine a light on this ruling which has potentially prevented thousands from making their voices heard at the polls.