Eric Garner’s Mother Pens Op-Ed About Criminal Justice Faliure

Eric Garner’s mother has put her foot down and will not relax until officials give her justice for her son.

What We Know:

  • Eric Garner was killed by Officer Daniel Pantaelo in 2017 by a chokehold.
  • Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr said, “I thought after Eric’s death was ruled a homicide that the police officer involved, Daniel Pantaleo, would be indicted and he would be held accountable for his wrongdoing. But that didn’t happen.”
  • In the video, you can hear Garner yell, “‘I can’t breath, I can’t breath,’ Garner, a 350-pound man who stood over 6 feet tall and reportedly suffered from asthma,” Atlantablackstar said.
  • Carr said, “’We are not going to let Eric’s death be swept under the rug; they can’t be allowed to just run out the clock,’ she said before acknowledging she can’t bring back her son, but she can ensure other families don’t have to endure the same fate,”Atlantablackstar said.
  • Garner passed away on July 2014. It’s been 5 years since his death.

Hopefully they will revisit Eric Garner’s case to punish Pantaleo for his actions.