Salon will host free class to help fathers with their daughters hair

Tieya Riggins father daughter hair care

A salon in Ohio offers classes for fathers to better understand their daughters’ hair. 

What We Know:

  • On June 15, Natruelly Me is opening its doors to fathers in an effort to teach them fun and easy hairstyles. Natruelly Me is a salon in Rocky River, Ohio owned by Tieya Riggins. She explains how doing hair is her gift and she just wants to share the love. “Doing hair for me is just, it’s a passion and it’s a passion for me to teach to other people to do hair too,” she said. 
  • Riggins is holding the class the day before Father’s Day in an effort to give the dads and their girls a special moment. Outside of a few famous dads on social media, more than often mother’s tend to do their daughters’ hair. Riggins hopes to change this stereotype. 
  • “It’s good that everyone in the household learns do that so everybody can pitch in, so it’s not so much on one person,” Riggins said. The class will serve as a safe space for men to get out of their comfort zones, gain more confidence, and bond with their daughters. “It gives that confidence booster and it doesn’t make them feel out of place because they see other men that are also in that place trying to do it,” Riggins said. 
  • Although this class is men only, Riggins plans to hold another class in August where all parents are welcomed.

This class is a great way for fathers and daughters to bond while teaching the dads a valuable skill. For any fathers in Rocky River, Ohio, to register for the class the link is on Eventbrite.