Old Navy Canada Acts Quickly to Video of Shopper Accusing Them of Racism

A video of an Old Navy customer being grabbed by an employee is making waves on the internet.

What We Know:

    • Lisa Calderon was shopping at an Old Navy in Ontario, Canada when she says she was racially profiled by an employee.
    • She captured the incident on camera and posted it to Facebook where it has nearly 1M views.
    • An employee by the name of Stephanie approached Calderon after she had already left the store, and accused her of stealing the shirt she was wearing.
    • Things escalated from there as Calderon felt she was being harassed because of her race. The two women began to argue.
    • The employee then grabbed Calderon by her wrist and refused to let go until she agreed to return to the store with her to review security footage.
    • The security footage confirmed that the customer entered the store wearing the shirt in question. The employee has since been fired.
    • Old Navy Canada issued an apology for the customer’s terrible experience and condemned their former employee’s behavior.

Stephanie, really?