Kevin Hart Sued for Assault and Battery

Kevin Harts’ bodyguard forcefully shoved bystanders aside as Hart was being escorted out of an event.

What We Know:

  • In January, Carmen Marrero accused Hart of assault that left her  with multiple fractures to her face, according to TMZ.
  • Marrero said, “I was minding my business when Kevin and his security team came barreling out of a building, knocking me to the ground in the ensuing scrum.”
  • Marrero’s lawyer Richard Russo said, “They are suing Hart, his production company and SAG-AFTRA for assault and battery and are expecting a hefty pay day.”
  • Hart in fact did not assault Marrero his bodyguard did, but Marrero stated, “Hart was negligent when he failed to properly train his team of security guards.” That is why she is suing Hart instead of his bodyguard.
  • Hart has yet to respond about the incident.

I believe that Hart should have trained his bodyguard to protect him but not harm innocent fans. But I really believe that Marrero is after Hart for his money because if someone harms me, I will sue that individual not someone else.