Judge Rules Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Trial Documents Sealed

Los Angeles Judge, Robert Perry, ordered documents with key information about Nipsey Hussle’s murder stay sealed for at least three more weeks.

What We Know:

  • Rapper Nipsey Hussle was violently murdered on March 31. He was shot multiple times in front of his clothing store in California.
  • Eric Holder, 29, was indicted by a grand jury on charges related to Nipsey’s murder in May.
  • Holder’s new attorney, Lowynn Young, petitioned the judge to keep the files sealed in an effort to get a fair trial for her client. She argued that publishing the information could result in biased jurors.
  • The judge granted the motion. He also referenced the deadly shooting that happened at Nipsey’s memorial service that left one dead and several others wounded. He might be afraid of the public’s reactions to the information in the documents.

Justice will eventually be served.