City Girls’ Yung Miami Announces Pregnancy

On Tuesday, June 11, City Girls’ rapper Yung Miami announced that she’s pregnant with her second child in her documentary trailer “Point Blank Period Part 2.”

What We Know:

  • Young Miami showed sad and scared emotions as she broke the news to the future baby’s father Quality Controls’ Pierre “Pee” Thomas on the pregnancy.
  • Miami elaborated on her own decision to conform her pregnancy in the caption of the video post. She declared she was doing it on her “own terms,” according to Billboard.
  • Even though Thomas was shocked with the news he is also excited and ready for baby “Sun Miami” to arrive.
  • Miami shared the news with her partner JT, who is currently incarcerated for fraud charges, about her pregnancy and she also is  very excited about the new bundle of joy.

Congratulations Miami and enjoy your pregnancy!