Beverly Hills First City To Ban Tobacco Sales

The future ban on tobacco products in Beverly Hills will cause an uproar in the community and job layoffs.

What We Know:

  • On Tuesday, Beverly Hills will become the first city in the country to ban tobacco products beginning in 2021.
  • The ban will prevent gas stations, pharmacies and grocery stores from selling tobacco. The twist of it all would be it will exempt hotels and plush cigar lounges. This reason is because travelers who visit Beverly Hills that use tobacco products need accommodations for their habits. Following “Cigar shops becoming refuges for the city’s affluent puffers,” Fox News.
  • The tobacco ban can cause the city to face many legal challenges due to it being no federal and state laws barring Beverly Hills from carrying out the ban.
  • “Gas station owners opposed to measure, saying it unfairly targeted their businesses and might force employee layoffs, while public health advocates argue that the cost is higher in terms of health,” according to FoxNews.
  • On Monday, June 10, Leader Mitch McConnell presented legislation that would raise the legal age from 18 to 21 for purchase of tobacco products.

Banning tobacco in Beverly Hills will decrease tourists from visiting. For one, yes tourists can smoke at the hotel but what will they do if they want to visit the city and need to smoke? I feel as though the city will run into a lot of issues with this law.