Mueller implies impeachment during live statement

robert mueller

On Wednesday, Robert Mueller made a live statement where he implied the impeachment of President Trump.

What We Know:

  • Mueller has been serving as the Attorney General’s special counsels office for the last two years. In that time, the office has been investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Wednesday was the first time Mueller had publicly spoke out about the investigation and he confirmed that it was officially completed.
  • Mueller reported that the investigation was compiled into a two part report. The first part describes the efforts of Russian interference. The second part was an investigation of Trump and his efforts to stop the investigation. The beginning of the report explains how Russian intelligence officers used advanced computer technologies to hack into the Clinton campaign. Once the officers got into the systems, they used Wikileaks to leak information at convenient times in order to undermine the Clinton campaign. The second part is results of obstruction of justice involving President Trump.
  • Apparently, a president cannot be charged of a crime while in office, it is seen as unconstitutional. With this law in place Mueller said, “Charging the president with a crime was an option we could not consider.” Despite the evidence the special counsels office  gathered, there was legally nothing they could do. Mueller deems it “unfair” to charge someone of a crime when there is no option to resolve it in court.
  • Although he never specifically said he wanted Trump impeached, he asked that “congress take over the job”. He also said, “If there was confidence that the president did not commit a crime, the report would have said so.” Being that there’s nothing more the special counsel can do, Mueller feels it is up to congress to hold Trump accountable.

Mueller hasn’t spoken out any further on the matter and plans to retire from the Department of Justice to return to his private life. To watch the conference click the link below.