California Introduces New Incentive in Response to States Banning Abortions

A California lawmaker has introduced a new bill with more tax incentives for productions wanting to leave states banning abortions.

What We Know:

  • Democratic Assemblywoman Luz Rivas introduced Assembly Bill 1442 (AB-1442) on May 20 to expand the $330 million dollar film and production company tax incentive California already offers.
  • AB-1442 would begin January 1, 2020 and calls for an unspecified tax credit to a film that leaves a state that with existing or pending laws or existing law prohibiting, criminalizing, or restricting abortions after 6 weeks.
  • Rivas stated “A lot of the entertainment industry has relocated to Georgia because that state was very competitive in their own state film tax credit. We’re trying to further incentivize the entertainment industry that currently is filming in states with these strict abortion bans to come and do business in California and share our values.”
  • Georgia had 445 productions in fiscal year 2018 (07/01/17 – 06/30/18) leading to $2.7 billion in spending while Alabama had their record high last year of 150 productions in the state. With productions, actors, and actresses already leaving the peach state or donating all production proceeds to fighting the law, this bill could be a big blow to the recent growth in states.
  • The details of the new bill, credit being named the “Share Our Values Tax Credit,” are still being worked out including how munch money would be available for it and also still has to be moved through various committees and voting motions before it would become law.

We’re not surprised by this action in California and will be following this story closely.