Anne Hathaway Calls Out White Woman Politicians Behind Alabama’s Abortion Ban

Actress Anne Hathaway is no stranger when it comes to calling out white privilege. On Friday, the actress took to Instagram to call out the white women who she believes are just as responsible for setting back abortion rights as white men.

What We Know:

  • White male Alabama state senators passed a controversial abortion bill that makes it illegal to get an abortion after six weeks, even in cases of rape or incest. According to CNN, Democrats introduced an amendment to exempt rape and incest from House Bill 314, but was rejected by the chamber in a 21 to 11 vote.
  • Hathaway took to Instagram to remind everyone of the two white women who ushered the legislation: Republican Terri Collins, who sponsored the bill in the state house, and Governor Kay Ivey, who signed the bill into law last week.
  • The Oscar-winner wrote “As we’re resisting, let us also call out the complicity of the white women who made this awful moment possible, and which — make no mistake — WILL lead to the unnecessary and avoidable deaths of women, a disproportionate number of whom will be poor and/or black.”
  • Hathaway wasn’t the only Hollywood A-lister to speak up. Celebrities like Pink, Rihanna, and even Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren all used their platform to call out the Alabama Senators.

Hathaway encouraged those who don’t agree with the bill to speak up, take action, and donate to organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund, and several others.