Uber Introduces New ‘Quiet Mode’ for Riders Who Don’t Want to Talk to Their Drivers

“Quiet Mode” is one of the new features offered to Uber Black riders announced Wednesday.

What We Know: 

  • Included with luggage assistance and extended wait times, Quiet Mode allows Uber Black riders to request that their drivers don’t talk to them.
  • The company partnered with lifestyle icon Martha Stewart to announce the new upgrades.
  • “You’ve heard of house music, but my style is more housekeeping music. And when I head to a gig, I choose an @Uber Black trip so I can request an extra hand with my bags,” she said in the ad.
  • Uber Black offers high-end cars and service – but can cost up to three times the amount of a standard ride.
  • “If you need to respond to emails or are in the mood for a nap, make your trip a quieter one with just one tap. If you’re in the mood to chat, that’s an option too,” Uber said of the new feature.

This move helps the company take more of their rider’s preferences into consideration.  Hopefully this helps the company move forward in their hopes to become the superior riding service.

Cannot wait to see what the company thinks of next!