National Bail Out Collective Freed 100 Black Mothers

The nonprofit group, National Bail Out Collective, posted bond for jailed black mothers in cities across the country from May 6-May 12.

What We Know:

  • According to their website, The National Bail Out Collective coordinates “the Mama’s Day Bail Outs, where we bail out as many Black Mamas and caregivers as we can so they can spend Mother’s Day with their families where they belong!”

  • This year, the group was able to free over 100 women with the $350,000 raised for the cause.
  • After bailing out the mothers, the group provides continued support to the women. They offer them resources to help them achieve personal growth and advocate for themselves.
  • The ultimate goal of the organization is to end pre-trial detention and inspire bail reform. They believe that this can only be accomplished if the people who are most affected by it take a stand.

Thanks to the organization and generous donors, mothers were able to be reunited with their families for their special day and everyone deserves to be with their mother on Mother’s day!